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Contractors & Drilling Equipment Ltd is celebrating over 25 years in business. Contractors & Drilling Equipment Ltd grew out of the New Zealand branch of Gardener Denver in 1986, when the parent company decided to opt out of running branches and employ suppliers instead.

Since then the company has developed into a competitive supplier of a variety of drilling and demolition consumables in New Zealand. Brunner & Lay has been manufacturing for over a century, forms the basis of Contractors & Drilling Equipments contracting and drilling range.

As Well it has developed a network of contacts that enables it to quickly source used equipment for the mining and construction industries. Contractors & Drilling Equipment Ltd has established a great reputation as a reliable supplier that backs the raw and used equipment it sells.

The kennametal range of road planning, soil stabilization and reclamation tools is now marketed by Contractors & Drilling Equipment Ltd. JP Carlton Professional Tree Equipment manufacturers in conjunction with Contractors & Drilling Equipment, distributes their stump grinders and chippers throughout New Zealand.


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